12. Monument to a Missing Island

So, construction. One of the challenges of building Monument to a Missing Island, is the sheer quantity of its elements. Approximately 9000 pieces of wood, all the same size. 

The work is constructed like the Pin Screens many of us have played with as children (or bought in a Sharper Image catalog) In a Pin Screen the metal pins take the form of an object pressed into the tightly compressed assemblage. The added challenge with the sculpture is that the wood, in forming the shape of the explosion that shattered Flood Rock, extends to lengths from the beyond what the form capable of being held  by the tension of the wood. At it's maximum point it reaches a distance two and half times the basic rectangular form.

The first step in assembling the sculpture was to divide the work into four vertical columns. These would be built in 102 flat layers. These flat layers would then be glued and assembled in 25 sections 4 layers high (and one layer 2 boards thick).