About FLOW.15 Tour

There were 5 FLOW.15 tours. There will be one more left.
My child is an 8th grader and taking exams for HS admission. As I am an immigrant parent, I have to run here and there to get unfamiliar information and many of session are held at evening times. I was not able to make all FLOW.15 tour as well as being held at evening time. However, I really enjoyed attending to tours and explaining people about the sculptures.

 “ Why do people see paintings by dead painters, to learn an art history? I want to see artworks by living artists to see our future!”
The words were by my child in first grade, when we visit to classic and academic art exhibition.
I started to think more seriously than before about what I can do as a living artist. I love alternative and social practice arts that reflect our real society nowadays. To me, a living artist, The FLOW.15 tour was event with a lot of meanings and values; artist talks about the artworks of own.
 I have had many encounters, incidents, and experiences. I can’t write all these down, as my English is still not enough to describe them and some of them are private, but I want to share at least some things that I found important here.
I heard many private impressions from people I never met yet via FB and Twitter, thanks to the SNS era. Beside these great feedbacks, it is a really precious time I meet real people at the tour. It teaches me a lot. (Click here to read more)

When I see an artwork, I prefer to think and imagine why and what made the artist create this. Then, I try to explain the same thing to visitors at the FLOW tour. But I realized some people are more interested in materials and how structurally to build it.
It was very difficult for me to explain them in English, I then printed out the photos of scene of workshop and materials, and began to bring them to the tour.
Sometimes we have many tour participants, and sometimes a few. I enjoy both of them because things I can do changes depending on the number of tour participants.

When the time there are many visitors…I can enjoy Q&A with them.

When the time there is a few participants, I can enjoy something special with them.

The participants’ faces went into a square!

The most impressive feedback to me was, “I felt a symphony of music from these sculptures. Many different colors and the scenery around came together and made sound to me, like an orchestra.”
I was very happy. I never imagined that my sculptures made music, but I felt it made sense. When I hear music, not always, but sometimes, I feel the rhythms turning into shapes, and melody changing to colors in my head. It is a miraculous moment. Maybe, I had the feeling like that.

AND! The next and the last FLOW.15 tour is coming on November 6, Friday 4pm.
I am thinking of a very special thing on that day. Please swing by the tour.
I know the time, 4pm, is early and not easy to come for general people, but I will be staying there until 6pm. I am looking forward to seeing you there!