Concrete Philosopher

Meeting with Mike Karmody of Stone Soup Concrete, Easthampton, MA

Mike must be the Wizard of Concrete. He has serious skills when it comes to coaxing the best out of the material and was a complete joy to chat with about the ideas and the technical aspects of Meters To The Center. I arrived at the shop and immediately noticed a sculpture of the word "Fear." It caught my eye because the skills needed to pull a clean cast of an extruded typeface from a tight mold is exactly what my numbers will require. Among the pervasive ingenuity there, I spotted a bucket drying rack that Marcel Duchamp would be proud to know. I was in the right place. Mike and his team make lots of concrete counters, each with unique molds and mixes, however, another part of his business includes fabricating artist projects. I am eager to get some numbers back from him and hope to be able to move forward.