Decision: PVC pipe pieces will be pre-made in Chile and shipped in a container!

The engineering team at TREMAC helped me develop simple solutions that will allow the tubes to move and resist interaction. We decided to start doing tests and I realized I could access materials in a much easier way. (transportation, logistics, prices, etc) Also, that with all the help that I could get, it was a good idea to develop some parts of the project there and then send these unassembled parts in a consolidated container. Cost wise, it was efficient to centralize the production there, cheaper to send a container from Chile than to assume the freight cost of the pipe tubes in the US and the cost of some services that I would have to pay for (like laser cutting, etc) 

There are 3 different tube pieces, which I will refer to as:
-Pushing pipe (pipe runs through a chiain)
-Triple bench (3 pipes are chained together becoming one bench structure
-Circular rotation pipe (pipe is anchored in one point only, so it can be pushed circularly)