Design Drawings

Ghost House Design Drawings Details Page


Due to the size and design of Ghost House, it would be necessary to develop plans signed and sealed by a registered architect or engineer.  I reached out to a former teacher, architect Rod Knox, for assistance.

As luck would have it, Rod is on the board of directors of Pro Bono Design, Open Space Initiative, an organization devoted to promoting good use of public space through smart design solutions.  Architect Mike Cetera, president of Pro Bono Design, generously agreed to provide the plans needed for Ghost House.

And thus began a long process of studying chain link fence industry standards and tweaking the design of Ghost House.  Post and footing sizes were increased accordingly; and on Mike's recommendation, welding was ruled out for all structural connections in favor of mechanical fittings.


HUGE THANKS to Mike Cetera for his patience and commitment to making Ghost House happen!!!!!