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I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Randall’s Island Park Alliance Employee Handbook and I understand that it is my responsibility to read this employee handbook thoroughly and carefully and to comply with the policies contained herein.
I additionally understand that:

  1. The information, policies, and benefits described within are subject to change, and as a result, revisions to this handbook may occur. All such changes may supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies. I acknowledge that I am responsible for understanding and abiding by any and all changes made to the handbook.
  2. The Employee Handbook is not an employment agreement or guarantee of continued employment.
  3. My employment with the Randall’s Island Park Alliance is an “at will” relationship.  I understand that either RIPA or I may terminate the employment relationship, for any reason or for no reason, at any time with or without notice. This is regardless of the length of my employment or the granting of benefits of any kind, including but not limited to benefits, which provide for vesting based on length of employment.
  4. No officer, employee or agent of RIPA is authorized to make any oral statements, agreements, promises, representations or understandings inconsistent with the contents of this Acknowledgment Form.
  5. This document will become a part of my personnel file.
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