Catholic High School Athletic Association Intersectional Season Opener

March 29, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Icahn Stadium
Randall's Island Park
20 Randalls Island Park, New York, NY 10035
Stephanie Irvin

CHSAA Season Opener

Thursday March 29th, 2018

Icahn Stadium, Randall’s Island


Time Running Events
9:30 Girls 400m Low Hurdles
9:45 Boys 400m Intermediate Hurdles
10:00 Girls Frosh 1500m
10:20 Girls Varsity 1500m
10:25 Boys Frosh 1600m
10:40 Boys Soph 1600m
10:50 Boys Varsity 1600m
11:10 Girls Frosh 400m
11:20 Girls Varsity 400m
11:30 Boys Frosh 400m
11:40 Boys Soph 400m
11:50 Boys Varsity 400m
12:00 Girls Frosh 100m
12:05 Girls Varsity 100m
12:10 Boys Frosh 100m
12:15 Boys Soph 100m
12:20 Boys varsity 100m
12:30 Girls 100m High Hurdles
12:40 Frosh Boys 110 High Hurdles
12:50 Boys Varsity 110 High Hurdles
1:00 Boys Submidget 800m relay
1:10 Boys Midget 800m relay
1:20 Boys Junior 800m relay
1:30 Girls Frosh 200m
1:40 Girls Varsity 200m
1:50 Boys Frosh 200m
2:00 Boys Soph 200m
2:10 Boys Varsity 200m
2:20 Girls Frosh 800m
2:30 Girls Varsity 800m
2:40 Boys Frosh 800m
2:50 Boys Soph 800m
3:00 Boys Varsity 800m
3:10 Girls Frosh 1600m relay
3:20 Girls Varsity 1600 relay
3:30 Boys Frosh 1600m relay
3:40 Boys Soph 1600m relay
3:50 Boys Varsity 1600m relay



9:30 Girls Discus Relay – (2 person relay)
Boys Discus Relay to Follow (2 person relay)
9:30 Boys Javelin Relay (2 person relay)
Girls Javelin Relay to Follow (2 person relay)
9:30 Frosh Boys Shot Put Individual
Girls Shot Put Relay Individual
Noon Boys Varsity Shot Put (2 person



9:30 Girls Long Jump Relay – Pit 1 (2 person relay)
Girls triple Jump Relay to follow (2 person relay)
9:30 Boys Long Jump Relay – Pit 2 (2 person relay)
Boys Triple Jump Relay to follow (2 person relay)
9:30 Boys Varsity High Jump Relay (2 person relay)
Boys Frosh High Jump Relay to follow (2 person relay)
Girls High Jump Relay to follow Frosh Boys (2 person relay)
9:30 Frosh Pole Vault
Girls pole vault to follow
Noon Boys Varsity Pole Vault Relay (2 person relay)





CHSAA Season Opener at Icahn Stadium

Thursday March 29th, 2018






Girls 400 Low Hurdles:  ______

Girls Frosh 1500:           ______

Girls Varsity 1500:         ______

Girls Frosh 100:            ______

Girls Varsity 100:           ______

Girls 100 High hurdles:  ______

Girls Frosh 200:             ______

Girls Varsity 200:           ______

Girls Frosh 800:            ______

Girls Varsity 800:           ______

Girls Pole Vault:            ______


4 Person Relays

Girls Frosh 1600 Relay:  _____

Girls Varsity 1600 Relay: _____


2 Person Relays

Girls Discus:          _____

Girls Javelin:         _____

Girls Shot Put:       _____

Girls Long Jump:   _____

Girls Triple Jump:  _____

Girls High Jump:   _____


ENTRIES CLOSE: Sunday March 25th.

# of 4 person relays ______ @ $ 14  = $ ________

# of 2 person relays ______ @ $ 11  = $ ________

# of Individuals       ______ @ $ 4    = $ ________

TOTAL ENTRY:$_____________


Mail Entry to:

Stephanie Irvin – CHSAA Outdoor Chair
Cardinal Spellman High School

1 Cardinal Spellman Place

Bronx, NY 1466

Meet Director:

Stephanie Irvin

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 917-494-5436

Fax: 718-515-6615





Coaches Instructions

  1. Last day for updating rosters on Direct Athletics for the Relay Carnival is Sunday, March 25, at 11:00pm. No athlete will be allowed to compete that is not on your rosters. 
  2. Athletes may compete in no more than two events
  3. Weight Class Events: You must have a list of your athletes by division and signed by the athletic director in order to compete in the Intersection Relay Carnival and Junior Weight Championship.  The list must be handed in before the start of the meet. A scale will also be available in the clerk’s area if you need to weigh an athlete.  The clerks reserve the right to request any athlete to weigh-in.


Weight Class Divisions are:

Sub Midget – under 110 lbs

Midget – under 120 lbs

Junior Weight – under 130 lbs


  1. Check-in for all running events will take place at the far end of the stadium by the 100-meter start.
  2. Athletes in individual running events in field relays should have a sticker. Please use the stickers enclosed in the meet packet.


  1. Opening Heights:  Vars Boys PV 8’0
    Freshman Boys/ Varsity Girls PV 6’0
    Vars Boys HJ 5’2
    Freshman HJ  4’6
    Vars. Girls HJ 4’0


  1. All relays should have a card.  Please list:

SCHOOL NAME (indicating A, B, C, etc team)





  1. All warming up should take place outside the stadium when the first running events begins.
  2. No athletes should be on the field or track unless they are competing in an event.
  3. Athletes should not cross the field at any time, as javelin and discus will be contested there.
  4. Medals can be picked up from the results table located on the third floor
  5. ONLY for this meet:  Field coaches are permitted on the infield as long as they do not interfere with the officials running the events.
  6.  Awards – Top 5 in all events except weight class which are top 3.
  7. Uniform Rule:  All athletes must wear a school issued uniform. Tops must have the school name clearly displayed and shorts must be worn over spandex.