FLOW.11: Romy Scheroder

The Project: Point of View

Point of View, by Romy Scheroder, was a playful, memorable, functional approach to public art, which took an iconic object and gave it an unexpected twist, thereby changing audiences’ perception and interactions. The Point of View series altered the familiar Adirondack Chair, cutting, remixing and recombining pairs of chairs into a single hybrid to create unique objects and experiences for visitors. These participatory sculptures invited pairs of viewers to become “sitters,” playing with their awareness of sight and communication. Each piece in the series created a different interaction for the sitters in which they shared both physical as well as social space. Close enough to whisper or far enough to speak, facing one another or positioned at radically different angles, each of the pieces in the Point of View series encouraged sitters to relate with art, with the park and with each other in unconventional ways.

The Artist: Romy Scheroder

Romy Scheroder’s work transforms the inanimate functionality of domestic objects, particularly chairs, into lyrical figures with evolved and peculiar traits. In conversation with one another, this comforting distortion of reality also uncovers the dynamics between the object and the user and considers the friction of power between the two. She studied at the Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida (BFA, 1999) and The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (MFA, 2005).

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