The Artists

Gabriela Bertiller

Gabriela Bertiller brings attention to the decorative and visual elements hidden in the overlooked or overshadowed aspects of society

Nathan Gwynne

Nathan Gwynne’s collages and mixed media sculptures emerge from collisions and conflations of pastoral hippie utopianism, suburban punk rock idealism, and urban subculture.

Michael Clyde Johnson

Michael Clyde Johnson’s installations entertain the legacy of modernist, minimalist, and mid-century American art and design.

Laura Kaufman

Laura Kaufman’s work is inspired by the gaps between the known and unknown and the universal search for insight into the natural, constructed, and spiritual worlds.

Sean Wrenn

Sean Wrenn’s work is influenced by historical advances in photomechanical reproduction technologies, and fueled by exploring implications of 20th century wartime-evolved surveillance imagery and the digital proliferation of copy-and-paste street poster aesthetic.

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