FLOW.13: Alejandro Guzman

The Project: Monument to a Missing Island

Guzmán’s Loquacious is proposed as a 13’x4’ roughly pentagonal mirrored structure along the shoreline of Randall’s Island Park. He envisions the work as a sculptural performative object that acts as a site for art. It will provide a place for reflection, meditation and wonderment for everyone in the community who observes the art. His aim is to invite the community to contribute our inherent shared histories through communication. For Guzmán, art is communication, and his work aims to serve as a reference point for a conversation for whomever is in front of Loquacious.

The Artist: Alejandro Guzman

Guzmán focuses his artistic practice on the idea of creative misunderstandings through art. His work explores the concrete manifestations of human nature, behavior, migration, consumption and materialism through various art practices. By means of investigations in performative sculptural objects, painting, drawing, photography, and video, he communicates our inherent shared histories through art. He studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO (BS 1999) and the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (MFA 2009).

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