FLOW.13: Stephanie Dodes

The Project: Transcendence is Absorption

To install Transcendence is Absorption, Dodes will build a conventional billboard structure with a viewing station on its backside as a poetic, puzzling and propagandistic intervention in the public park of Randall’s Island. This project presents a set of inversions and dualities to provoke and incite questions from its viewers, including materiality and spirituality, natural landscape and manipulated landscape, desire and aversion, being and nothing, subject and object, reality and fantasy. Transcendence is Absorption explores the social and cultural consequences of ubiquitous advertising in New York City while actively transforming them into art.  The poetry of language and the subversive image, combined with the interactive viewing station, will provide a counterpoint to the purpose of a traditional billboard

The Artist: Stephanie Dodes

Stephanie Dodes creates mass media driven psychological installations comprising video, collage, performance and sculptural elements. In her work logic is fragmented, reflecting the schizophrenic space of the media environment, favoring the evocative and oblique. She uses fabricated backdrops, humor, and absurdity to explore, critique, and mirror the construction of desire in popular culture. She studied at New York University, New York, NY (BA 2001) and the San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA (MFA 2010).

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