The Artists

Tim Clifford

Tim Clifford’s recent work investigates the intersection of aesthetics and violence. Intuition and archival research shape Clifford’s abstract explorations—revealing the hidden stories and history of our vernacular culture.

Tracie Hervy

Like many people, drawing was Hervy’s introduction to art. When she was first learning to draw the question was, “What does it look like?” As she got older, she was more interested in “How does it work?”

Samantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes re-contextualizes sacred forms and techniques within a modern urban landscape to explore disparities between the clarity of ideology and the fractured nature of contemporary life.

Denise Treizman

Denise Treizman creates work that repurposes found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily life. These materials become part of sculptures that are endlessly in flux.

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