Flyer, flyer, and flyer

I would like to share my story of flyers. During the time that Anthony and I were still working on the sculptures, many passer-by people stopped to watch our work, because they saw the progress day by day. They were interested in and eager to know what it was, and why we worked on them. We enjoyed talking and explaining our art pieces to those people. Then I decided to make and print a flyer of FLOW15 and handed out them so people can know the art show lasts to November, and enjoy BBQ, biking, art, etc, at Randall’s Island for half an year. After the opening day, I went to East Harlem Café with another flyer. Michelle, the model of the main sculpture was out, but other café staffs took and put the flyer at café. I drew a mini-Manga on back of flyer. I hope people got interested why Japanese Manga artist picked Puerto Rican culture as theme to sculpture. On June 6, I went to La Casa Azul Bookstore. Why? It was the third anniversary of the bookstore(Click here to read more).

Music, dance, and story telling were hold at 103rd street community garden. The garden is a beautiful space. It is not a big garden, but small one. There was a lawn area, playground, and event space area in one space. I love the place. There were also tables from NYPL, El museo del barrio, and Women in comics. I was sitting at the table of Women in Comic, as I am one of the members of it. I said happy anniversary and thanked the bookstore. They recommend the books, I learned about Puerto Rican history in NYC, then created the sculptures. I made another flyer for La Casa Azul Bookstore, to put in their bookstore. I hope people know there is a person who expresses book review not in writing sentences but by creating Manga sculptures. I also talked many people and handed out my flyers at the garden. It was very fun day!