Getting started with some tire-tests! (Back in Chile)

I started working for Spartan Follies while in Chile, in December 2015. I had an in-kind donation of a Chilean metal-mechanic company (TREMAC S.A.) that agreed to give me technical advice on the project in order to ensure its durability.  We started with simple tests with the tires, looking for the best way to link one to the other, and also trying the paint that will resist interaction with people.  

First discoveries:

-Tires need to be painted white before applying any color, otherwise, they won't be as bright as I want them to be and also I will use more paint trying to cover the black surface. (requires more layers of color paint)

-Drilling through the tires is pretty easy, but introducing the bolts in the holes is hard because of the wires that are inside the tire. This part requires a lot of patience and hopefully the more I practice, it will get easier! 

-Another of my trials was to see how to fill in a ball with sand. I discovered that the only way is to actually cut a hole in the ball. This will then be patched using a plastic material. It took a while to fill up the ball, each ball fills up with aprox. 60 kgs. sand. The sand needs to be dry and it is easier to fill it up (which was not the case with this sand, which is why it got all messy!)