Getting Started

Figuring out the Install
Since my project is all cast concrete, I need to be sure of the installation process before I begin production. After speaking with several architects and designers, I finally hit on a solution by hooking up with Sarah Schkeeps, of Hank’s Photographic Services in Mount Vernon. Sarah is multi-talented and lends her architecture training to Hank’s high-end operation by day and gives brilliant ideas to sculptors like me by night. I came with questions about how to do an install in the rocky soil of Randall’s Island that would not require pouring lots of footings and that would keep weight down (thereby keeping labor down). She turned me onto a pervious concrete that seems like it could very well save the day. We also came to the conclustion that the commas should be shorter, relieving their vulnerability. The real gem of the meeting was a fantastic modular plan that would forgo onsite mixing and drilling and that would deinstall without destroying any part of the sculpture. It will still require digging a long, 6 inch trench for each number, but that seems less daunting than drilling and filling 30+ holes on the spot. Thank you, Sarah!