Hand-written “→ El Barrio 0.7mile”

Did you see this hand written words on the back of the woman sculpture?When I didn’t fix my idea of the proposal for FLOW, I visited several places related to Puerto Rican cultures and East Harlem. I visited to Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, Taller Boricua, other several theater performance groups, and El Museo del Barrio. There, I saw an art show “PLAYING WITH FIRE: Political Interventions, Dissident Acts, and Mischievous Actions.” When I spoke to someone in the museum, I was told that they exhibit mainly activists’ performances, which use letters and billboards, and photos of murals. I was inspired to write letters directly on my pieces. I decided to write a sort of directional sign on the back of my sculpture’s shirt that says “El Barrio 0.7mile”, which is the distance between the location of the sculpture and Michelle’s cafe on Lexington Avenue and 104th Street. I enjoy mixing Puerto Rican culture, history, lively real life in El Barrio and my Manga.