hello: Boxes – All 500 succulents

I tested out some store bought succulents to see if any wildlife would eat them. Phew! Deer, gopher, squirrels, and other suburban creatures seem to stay away.

The felt arrived…all 270 sq. ft. of it…and really fast too. Thanks to Florafelt! Let's roll!

Speaking of rolling, The Hurwitz Family rolled out the green carpet for me. Now working in the garage won't be so cold or hard. Thanks!

First shipment of plants came too.

Things are blooming and spring has sprung. Not a bad workspace environment.

Then the rest came. 25 boxes of gorgeous succulents. It's like Christmas, or Hanukkah, or something! So many packages to open. Yes!

I took one of each variety and created this box of gorgeousness. How many do you see? I am beyond words at how pretty they are. Thanks again to The Irwin Family's The Succulent Source!

o, boy! Cutting and stapling. Cutting and stapling. I must say that the Florafelt is really easy to work with and it's super soft. Vertical garden coming soon to Randall's Island Park.

It's been an interesting and amazing process so far. People have been coming up to me, saying, "Hello," and asking about what I'm working on. To them, I say, "hello!"