hello: Dollies!

These letters weigh a ton…well, almost, so I need to get something to transport the letters onto and it would be great to have something like these. Too bad these belong to Home Depot and they're not for sale.

Maybe something more like these from Harbor Freight. 10 dollies (2 per letter) should do for now.

Here is one of the i's.

Now I have: lol. I mean, –llo. Hopefully, I'll get the rest of the finished letters soon.

A few of the letters went into a van thanks to the energy and strength from these high school students. They are strong!

With some of those dollies and strong Hurwitz arms, these went into the garage aka "the studio" for me to work on.

Of course, I had to buy more supplies, like these 8" hex screws to finish the h and e…and more staples. Just another trip to all the hardware stores.


Thanks to the volunteer work from Joe and his woodworking students at ACT, The School of Architecture and Construction Trades, they have a project in design and implementing their skills in making these gorgeous structures, and in return, I get some fabulous letters. This is a sneak peek into some of those letters they have been working hard to create.