hello: Succulents and Another Trip to Home Depot

News, and an image of part of my shipment of succulents, from my grower out in California. My plants are on their way! Check out the wee one in front for scale. That's normally a 2" wedding "thank you" gift, but thanks to The Irwin Family's The Succulent Source, I'm getting 500 of these 6" gorgeous beauties! They're coming in at an average of 60-pound boxed waves over the course of a week. Looks like I'll have strong arms and green thumbs at the end of this project!

Since I was far from the Tri-state area this past weekend, my right hand man, Scott, took care of things for me, so the last of the wood for letters he, and o were purchased and carted off to be worked on by Joe. So excited to have everything come together.

Let's get planting!