hello: They have arrived!

Eh, I mean, he– came.

So did 140 more succulents. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have enough, but now I definitely do.

The h was the last to arrive and it's a big one. It's probably the size of one and a half times the other letters. H is for heavy!

But, I got this.

Time to felt and plant. Felt and plant!

During the presentation for consideration of this project, there was concern for how well the plants would grow. Will there be any spots that won't be covered? Looks pretty good to me. The plants seem happy and healthy, especially since they grew so much in a couple of weeks!

I, on the other hand, was breathing in all this pollen! Good thing I had a mask for high-pollen days. Bad thing was my back aching so much because I was bent over the letters for 10-12 hours a day, every day for weeks, while I continued to install hundreds and hundreds of succulents. Only stopped for a brief lunch and dinner. Is a chiropractor included in the budget?

H is for hooray. Planting complete. Now to the next phase: painting.


Thank you again to Joe and everyone else who worked on this at ACT, The School of Architecture and Construction Trades, in Paterson, NJ.

Thank you again to The Irwin Family's The Succulent Source, in Valley Center, CA, too for that speedy shipment of additional varieties.

Thank you to all the other volunteers involved on this project. I still can't believe that my ambitious idea is becoming real. Without your help, I'd be saying, "Goodbye" to this project.