hello: Woodworking – Buying lumber for the two l’s

hello from Home Depot!

I met with Joe, my point person for woodworking, and we realized that construction on the wooden letters will be logistically difficult due to the size and weight of each structure. If the letters are smaller, the impact wouldn't be as great when someone sees hello. If the letters are bigger, then I would need heavier equipment to build, transport, and install/de-install, more manpower, and a bigger workspace; all of which costs more, but there's only so much in the budget to make this happen. It WILL happen!

After a lengthy discussion, I purchased enough lumber and deck bolts to start constructing the two l’s. The e and o would come next and the hardest, h, would be last. All the wood is pressure treated and suitable for decks and in-ground use.

I bought so much wood that there's nothing left for other customers! I'm going to need much more for the other letters. Hope they restocked.

These letters aren't too heavy…yet. If I buy it, we can build it.


In addition to lumber, I also bought a giant roll of Florafelt, which equals 30 yards (90 feet), and I will use just about every inch of it. 500 – 6-inch succulent varieties are also on their way to me. I can't even imagine how much space all those will take. Oh, yes, I can; it'll be 10 ft tall x 23 ft wide x 1 ft deep. It's going to be huge!