Carol Perry

Carol is a Senior Vice President, Broadcasting & General Counsel, at IF Management.  She believes that discipline, perseverance, and passion are the most essential tools for success.

The daughter of immigrants (Romanian mother and Indian father), she developed a vigorous work ethic at a very young age — by the age of five, she was appearing in Mattel toys & cereal commercials and even performed a tap routine on the Gong Show in the 70s! This experience in the entertainment industry and exposure to the business of agents and managers paved the way for a successful career in talent management.

After graduating college at UC Santa Barbara, Carol sought a more exciting and diverse lifestyle in New York, where she attended Cardozo Law.  She then worked as a litigator for three years and drafted artist contracts for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts on the side.  It wasn’t long before Carol knew that managing on-air talent was her calling. At The Conrad Shadlen Corporation in New York City, Carol quickly developed solid relationships in the industry, as well as a reputation for tenacity, and successfully managed a diverse and thriving client base.

As Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and General Counsel at IF Management, Carol now manages talent and negotiates television, producer and radio contracts at the network level, top markets, and syndication.  Like everyone else at IF, Carol loves sports & fitness.  She’s run two NYC marathons and played years of basketball and tennis.  Carol currently resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her son Zachary and husband Fred, a digital media executive with SportsNet New York.  Carol serves as a trustee of the Randall’s Island Park Alliance and is a member of the Programming Committee.