Meanwhile in NY…

I was trying to figure out how/where to get the tires. One option was to collect them at different places, but then I decided it was probably more efficient to get them from a tire recycling center. That is how I met Mr. Carlos Luna, from He gave me $1 price per tire, which I found very reasonable. His facility, located in Linden, NJ was astonishing to me. I got so many ideas for future projects, materials, etc, starting by this amazing braid of tires, which I will for sure build in my studio with painted tires! (before I take them to the park)

Carlos and his staff were super friendly, they helped me pick the tires that were in good conditions (no nails, or wires) and his workers helped load the truck in a very space-efficient manner. Being a spanish speaker was definitely a good way to connect and bond with them!