The Randall’s Island Park Alliance keeps the Park clean, beautiful, and full of fun places to explore. Here are some stories about why others have given back.

You can help us take care of all that the Park has to offer!

John, an avid runner, said…

“I live on the UES and have run to the Island over the 103rd St Bridge many, many times over the years. So I thought I’d donate.”

Matt, a nature enthusiast, said…

I collected some jumping spider specimens on Randall’s and mailed them to an expert at the University of Kansas. He sent me $20 to cover the shipping, which was polite but not necessary so I decided to pass it on to you guys, great stewards of the spot where the spiders live. Did you know Randall’s has a thriving population of Heliophanus salticids, not otherwise seen in the New World?

I was able to meet Chris Girgenti and other members of the Natural Areas Crew too—did a “fish count” with them last month. A great bunch of people, welcoming, smart, and enthusiastic about what they’re doing. I thought the upcoming soil remediation experiments sounded especially interesting. So probably would have given to Randall’s eventually anyway, no spiders required!

McKinley, a festival goer, said…

Randall’s Island has become pretty special to me these past five years. It is a welcome escape for me from the city. I am a runner and I love to run over the bridge and all around the island. I also attend music festivals on the island, mainly Governors Ball, and I saw one of my favorite bands, Phish, play a three-night run there back in the summer of 2014. My girlfriend and I have also volunteered at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Randall’s Island is beautiful, and I would like to see it stay that way. It provides an excellent green space in the middle of this concrete city. I know first-hand the benefits of having such a place, and I am fortunate for living in such close proximity. I also believe the community at large is better for it. Anything I can do to help maintain it, I am happy to do so.

Please email Veronica Stocco, Development Associate, [email protected] to learn more about the many ways you can support Randall’s Island Park Alliance.