rough cut white maple

So this past weekend, I got a rental car and visited my dad's barn.  I found a 66" piece of white maple, I think.  It is 18" wide with bark and 2" thick.  Bowed (curved across the width) and checked (cracking at the ends).  I chose it bc it was almost the perfect size and I wouldn't be wasting much (this was a big old tree!).  It would be a bright white yellow in contrast to the steel blue turned golden orange metal.  And most notably, it was more manageable than the other pieces of wood.  It is more than I can carry — my mom and I managed to hoist it out of the barn by a rope using a beam in the barn as a kind of pully.  My friend Meret suggested a woodworker – Patrick in Brooklyn.  Patrick has a 48" belt sander and a laser cutter.  I'm excited to see it cleaned up.