She is Pretty in Pink! “El Barrio Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes”

I finished my installment at 7pm just before the day of opening.
On the opening day, many people came by. I explained about my pieces, how I got inspiration to make these sculptures from Puerto Rican culture and history to mix with my Manga style. Then I sketched the visitors in Manga style on tiny sketchbooks to give away. During sketching, visitors and I were sitting on the legs of the main woman sculpture. It was very fun!
Also Michelle, who is a model of the main sculpture came!
She was very excited and happy.
One day in last November at El Barrio, when she just talked to me by chance. The idea of making sculpture of her popped up to me, then it became real now! Her actual hair color is a beautiful black, and I think she would be pretty in pink. Then I drew her hairline in pink.