site selection

So this week, I met w Eric  from Randall's Island to site my piece.  Like everything in NYC it seems, Randall's Island is home to a whole slew of things besides the insane number of bridges that cross over to it.  A psychiatric hospital, a grouping of homeless shelters, a sewage treatment plant, a police department marina, a fire department training center, sports fields.  I also met with Vicky who is the natural areas manager. I am most interested in the wetlands, saltmarshes, compost heaps, tidally exposed beaches and mudflats,  the oily shores of the marina, and the sewage treatment plant. But my favorite thing I learned is that tides are different on the Harlem river vs the East river.  Of course it would be, but I dig details like that.  If you were a heron, it would mean a lot to you.