The story behind my sculptures 2

The woman was an owner of the cafe. Her parents came from Puerto Rico, and she was born here in the early 70s. She still lives on 101st street with her family. I decided to create a sculpture using the woman as a model. I told her that my aim was to create a sculpture of a person who lives within view of Randall’s Island, and tell their story.  She graciously accepted my request.

I always make a human-sized thin board sculpture. But…this time, it is a chance to try new thing.

I read the other book, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano, that I bought at the bookstore, and loved the phrase “Revolutions come in all shapes and seizes. I’ve always been interested in people’s internal revolutions because those are the ones that their everyday actions and, by progression, a community’s life.”

Then I decided woman’s sculpture in square shape and unique balanced size, in my Manga colorful cartoon style.
Based on her interview, there are 3 most important events in her life in El Barrio.
Born in 1973,
Opened cafe in 2008,
Her goal and future
This time, I was planning to make 3 small sculptures to represent the events,
And place them around woman's sculpture.
Through my art works, I want my audience to imagine the environment and background of the person.
This time, I want the visitors of Randall’s Island to think about Puerto Rican woman, who is a mother, a cafe owner, and one of the longtime residents of El Barrio, as they look at the skyline.

I'll post my progress next time, see you soon!