The story behind my sculptures1

One day I biked to Randall’s Island and saw the skylines of Manhattan. I wondered, “What kind of people live there, and what kind of lives do they live?”

I went around 110th street, 3rd, 2nd Avenue in East Harlem, then down to 99th Street to see Art Space Apartment. I expected I could find something and meet someone there. But the Art Space building was still under construction. I found a bookstore. I asked the store clerk about books related to the area. The book clerk recommended me two books, and I bought them.

I found a nice cafe. I decided to read the brand new book there. Suddenly, a fortyish woman came up and spoke to me. She said that her friend wrote an introduction to the book. The book was PALANTE 1969-1971, a chronicle of Puerto Rican resistance and activism. During that period, young Puerto Ricans activists gathered together and published a magazine titled PALANTE. I saw photos of them at Randall’s Island.