Randall’s Island Summer Camp for Community-Based Organizations

For over 25 years, RIPA has offered a free summer camp program to children, ages 6-12, from Harlem and the South Bronx. During five weeks in July and August, children are given the opportunity to escape city life and enjoy time outside playing on Randall’s Island. The camp offers a wide variety of sports and activities including lacrosse, basketball, tennis, volleyball, kickball, wiffleball, soccer, disc activities, track & field, physical fitness, dance, nature lessons at the wetlands, nature arts & crafts, Capoeira, self defense, biking, FDNY tours, rugby, percussion, softball, and farming lessons at the Urban Farm.

Working with a numerous Community Based Organizations (CBOs), RIPA is able to make a very real difference in over 7,000 children’s lives each summer. Any CBO is welcome to apply to have their children participate in our summer camp, however, no individual children’s applications will be accepted. Please contact our Public Programs Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.