Three Small Sculptures’ Story

Hi, this is Rica.
Let me talk about the progress about small sculptures.
These three will be placed around the main woman sculpture.
The first one is shaped as a photo album. The old photographs on the pages were taken in 1970s.
The second is the coffee cup and pancakes. They are banana walnuts pancakes. Do you want to try this pancake?
Go the café in El Barrio.
The third is a baby in a basinet. The baby stands for the future of El Barrio.
I got the hint for making these sculpture from Puerto Rican mask made from Paper Mache.
The biggest thing I am concerned is, “Not to be destroyed, nor broken” I want to keep them very strong.
But Paper Mache is not durable. I decided to use fiberglass cloth and reinforced plastic instead of paper and glue. These materials are use for car bodies so must stay strong, I thought. Thank you angel, the next door of my apartment is a car parts shop.

I used steel angle plate for the base, wooden board and cardboard for the frames. I used readymade paper cup, plate and basket, too. I wrapped them up with fiberglass cloth, and pasted plastic. After that, I put on reinforced filler to make shape. Then I use sandpapers to smooth surface.

When I am almost finished with the base of the sculptures just before painting to the next step, a BIG TROUBLE happened to the sculptures! How should I escape this terrible pinch?!