The Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) maintains a variety of planted and themed gardens and landscaped areas throughout the Park, all created using native species and sustainable practices. Located primarily along the water’s edge, they provide a beautiful and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Enjoy a casual stroll through the gardens or participate in a RIPA guided garden tour. To get a bit more involved, join RIPA’s ongoing opportunities for volunteers — corporate and school groups, children and families — to join in stewardship at the Park.

The Rock Garden

Located adjacent to the ferry dock, the Rock Garden provides visitors with the opportunity to sit and take in the beauty of a wide range of flowers as well as the gorgeous East River and Manhattan skyline. The strategically placed layered rocks utilizes both Eastern and Western tradition rock gardening and features alpine and dwarf conifers.

The Water’s Edge Garden

Winner of the 2007 Perennial Plant Associations 2007 Landscape Design Award, the Water’s Edge Garden is filled with a unique, whimsical mixture of perennials, grasses and shrubs with varying height and texture. The garden extends all along the waterfront bicycle and pedestrian pathways north of the 103rd Street Footbridge.

The White Garden

The White Garden is a restful sanctuary located just east of the Wards Meadow Fields, in the most wooded part of the Island. It is composed of plants with white blooming flowers or variegated foliage with white tones.

Hell Gate Wildflower Meadow

Overlooking the Hell Gate rapids at the Park’s southeastern tip, the Hell Gate Wildflower Meadow is filled with perennials native to the Northeast. Weed barrier bio-degradable paper, plugs and seed mixes were used to create this garden oasis. The meadow is a unique ecosystem, providing food and shelter for diverse pollinators and other insects.

Freshwater Wetlands Wildflower Meadow

Located at the entry to the Island’s freshwater wetlands, the Freshwater Wetlands Wildflower Meadow was planted with more than 20,000 natives to the Northeast. True to its name, it is self-seeding and blooms from early spring to early winter. The meadow gives the public an opportunity to experience various insects and unusual native plants.

What’s in bloom?

With each season, different plants bloom to offer an array of color and textures on the Island. RIPA’s Bloom Guide is a wonderful way to learn more about what is taking center stage each month at Randall’s Island Park.