As a reminder please remember to practice social distancing (at least six feet) when visiting the Park.

Nearly ten miles of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian pathways run throughout Randall’s Island Park and along its waterfront, providing comprehensive non-vehicular access. These meandering pathways – free from cars, trucks, and buses – offer a safe and scenic Park experience for strollers, runners, bicyclists and anyone traveling to and from the Island’s fields and facilities. The pathways also provide links to and between access points in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens, via the 103rd Street Footbridge in Manhattan, via the Randall’s Island-Bronx Connector, and via walkways along all three spans of the RFK Triborough Bridge. Increasingly, visitors are choosing to travel to Randall’s Island Park by bicycle or on foot, and the pathways are also used as a non-vehicular alternative for commuters between the three adjacent boroughs.

To learn more about the Island’s pathways and how you can enjoy them visit Walk, Run, Bike.