Urban Farm

Urban Farm

The one-acre Urban Farm on Randall’s Island cultivates a wide variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  With over 80 raised beds, two greenhouse, a milk-crate container garden, and a trellis tunnel for gourds and climbing vines, the Urban Farm presents a wide array of crops, varieties, and growing methods to visitors of all ages.

High-bush and low-bush blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, grape vines fig, pear and apple trees all make up some of the fruit that complement our vegetables.  Our apple orchard contains 40 Newtown Pippins, the original apple tree of New York City, and a dozen Kazakhstan Apple Trees, considered the most ancient apple tree in the world and some of the first such trees planted in the United States.

The Urban Farm also is home to four of New York City's only rice paddies.  With six different varieties of rice being grown from all around the world, this staple food is beautiful and fascinating to see in the paddies.  

You are welcome to come see it all!  The Farm is open to families and the public for unstructured visits most weekdays between 8 am and 3 pm during the growing season.  We also host weekend Open House Days over the summer.  Please see our Event Calendar for more information. 

The Urban Farm primarily is used for our hands-on edible education program and as a way to engage our community in healthy, informed and and conscientious eating habits.  Click here for more information about our Education Program or to Sign Up a Class. 




Most of the produce grown on the Farm is used in our education programs as students harvest, cook and share farm - fresh meals together at the end of every class.  The excess is donated to local food pantries and non profits like Drive Change

The Farm has been made possible through generous donations and the support of volunteer groups.  Corporate volunteers have built picnic tables, raised beds and trellises, and have added landscape fabric and mulch to the garden areas.  Volunteers have also worked alongside children in the garden in a program which pairs each adult with a student, who then work together throughout the garden.  At the end of the day, volunteers and students share a meal they prepared together.  If you would like to volunteer to work in one of the gardens, please Get Involved


The Urban Farm can be found at the Southeast end of Randall's Island next to Ballfield 63.  We are conveniently located next to the Skylla Playground and the Picnic Area.  For directions to the Urban Farm, click here