2024 Construction projects on Randall’s Island Park: MTA Ramps & Clean Energy Line Installation

279912024 Construction Projects on Randall’s Island Park

Two major construction projects are happening on the north end of Randall’s Island Park. While the Alliance is neither responsible for nor affiliated with these projects, here’s a quick rundown on the latest activity:

    • New ramps and bridge access: The MTA is building new vehicular and pedestrian ramps between Randall’s Island, Queens, and Manhattan. The southern pedestrian ramp from Manhattan should be open first, with the northern ramp following later.
    • Clean energy line installation: The CHPE project will bring clean energy to New York City by burying a line under the park’s northeast section.

What to expect:

      • Significant construction activity at the northern end of the park.
      • Temporary changes to park access points and circulation.

Stay informed:

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