Randall’s Island Park’s Repository

The data repository for Randall’s Island Park serves as a resource hub – a compilation of the ecological and environmental monitoring and assessments performed on the island by the Alliance’s staff and community collaborators.  Through this repository, researchers, students and community members can access detailed data sets, reports, and analyses, facilitating further research questions, informed decision-making, and strategic planning.

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The Natural Areas Department participates in multiple projects that pertain to monarchs including tagging to researchers understand migration patterns and sampling monarch abdominal scales to understand the spread of a monarch parasite.
Every month from May-October, RIPA staff and volunteers visit 3 sites on Randall’s Island to conduct insect pollinator counts.
Bee populations have been steadily declining, raising serious concerns for the future of their species and associated plants. This project aimed to survey Hymenopteran species and other pollinators to help understand how land managers can promote a healthier pollinator community.

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