Randall’s Island Park’s Repository

The data repository for Randall’s Island Park serves as a resource hub – a compilation of the ecological and environmental monitoring and assessments performed on the island by the Alliance’s staff and community collaborators.  Through this repository, researchers, students and community members can access detailed data sets, reports, and analyses, facilitating further research questions, informed decision-making, and strategic planning.

Volunteers on Randall’s Island assist staff in collecting, identifying, and counting types of ocean litter.
Datasets containing the water quality data completed across all of Park-As-Lab monitoring projects.
Randall’s Island Park Alliance staff, volunteers, and members of the public participate in weekly water quality testing to detect bacteria from the genus Enterococcus, which are associated with fecal coliform presence.
Salt marshes may help reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in ecosystems but it is unclear if restored marshes can provide this function. RIPA and partners at Baruch College measured dissolved gas and nutrient fluxes from salt marshes at Randall’s Island and compared these to adjacent unrestored habitat.

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