With approximately ten miles of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian pathways, Randall’s Island Park provides an ideal urban oasis for walking, running and biking. The non-vehicular waterfront pathways can be used for recreation or to commute between NYC’s boroughs.


Enjoy a pleasant stroll or take a vigorous run/bike ride on Randall’s Island Park’s miles of pathways. The wide pathways, which are paved and primarily flat, are free from cars, trucks and buses. Whether you take one of the suggested routes below, explore on your own with our Run-Walk-Bike guide, or join us for a walking or biking tour – you are bound to enjoy your experience.

Running/Biking Routes

Take one of these three routes to get your exercise in for the day:


Each day over 150,000 vehicles commute on the RFK Triborough Bridge above Randall’s Island – but the Park offers scenic routes for commuters not in cars! Randall’s Island’s pathways connect to each of the surrounding three boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. Commuting by bike via Randall’s Island is becoming more popular. Consider a ride across Randall’s Island Park as your easy, green commuting option!

Bronx – Manhattan

For non-vehicular commuting between the Bronx and Manhattan, we suggest you use the at-grade Randall’s Island-Bronx Connector and the beautiful 103rd Street Footbridge.

Manhattan – Queens

Non-vehicular commuting between Manhattan and Queens takes you over Manhattan’s 103rd Street Footbridge and the RFK Triborough Bridge walkway with touchdown at Hoyt Avenue in Queens – both of which offer wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline.

Bronx – Queens

Non-vehicular commuters between the Bronx and Queens can take advantage of the at-grade Randall’s Island-Bronx Connector and link with the walkway along the RFK Triborough Bridge, with touchdown at Hoyt Avenue in Queens.