Since 1992, the Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) has been working to ensure that local children go outside and play at Randall’s Island Park. Our Urban Farm Education Program and Waterfront Stewardship Education Program are two wonderful and free field trip options that Randall’s Island offers for hands on scientific learning. Both align with New York State Scope and Sequence and Common Core Standards and can be tailored to most age groups.

Urban Farm Edible Education Program

The Urban Farm Edible Education Program offers a formal opportunity for local public school students to engage in topics not often addressed in school: their food, how it is grown, and how it contributes to their health and well-being, as well as to their communities and the greater food system. Students gain a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship, respect for all beings, healthy eating, and sustainable systems.

Waterfront Stewardship Program

Through RIPA’s Waterfront Stewardship Program, experienced naturalists provide hands-on environmental education opportunities for local public school groups – learning experiences which create lasting engagement with NYC’s waterways and their unique plants and wildlife. Students of all ages gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles through field learning and better appreciate the importance of being environmental stewards.

Education Programs FAQs

Nothing! Field trips are absolutely free. However, you’ll be responsible for arranging your transportation to the island and any associated costs.

In-person field trips are available from April through October. Virtual field trips are available year-round.

Both programs host students in grades K-12. Due to the nature and location of our programs, we prioritize serving groups from public schools located in East Harlem and the South Bronx. Classes can be

tailored to the needs of your group. You may let us know how we can accommodate your students in your trip request.

If you are a representative from a higher education institution, please reach out to us about potential trip opportunities or research partnerships.

Both programs can accommodate up to 30 individuals per trip, with at least two individuals being adult chaperones (teachers, assistants, aids, parents, etc.).

We operate rain or shine, unless the weather is dangerous. In the case of dangerous weather, we will notify you of program cancellation a couple of hours before your trip and will attempt to reschedule for a later date. We also find that teachers know best what their students can tolerate. Please keep in mind that if you decide to cancel, we may not be able to reschedule your trip. Also note that there are no enclosed shelters near/on the Farm when gauging the comfort of student participation.

The Urban Farm is located at 11 Wards Meadow Loop, New York, NY 10035. Parking is available by Scylla Playground and Lot J.

The Waterfront Stewardship Program occurs in the restored salt marshes and freshwater wetland near Icahn Stadium (10 Central Road, New York, NY 10035). Parking is available in front of Icahn Stadium (Lots C and D).