Next to the Urban Farm you will find the Scylla Playground, built around a large American Elm tree, on a soft wood chip base. Children can enjoy the spray shower, swings, a slide, and more. An open area with picnic tables to eat lunch after a day of playing makes this a fun location to bring little ones, and the beautiful cottage garden is just a few feet away. Restrooms are also conveniently located nearby.

Sports and Recreational Program

RIPA Summer Camp

RIPA offers a free five-week fun-filled summer camp to local community-based organizations that service NYC children ages 6 -12. The camp offers a wide variety of sports and activities including basketball, tennis, volleyball, kickball, wiffleball, soccer, disc activities, track & field, physical fitness, dance, nature exploration, nature arts & crafts, Capoeira, self defense, biking, FDNY tours, rugby, percussion, softball, and nature lessons at the Urban Farm and wetlands. Enrollment is only available through local community-based organizations. Learn more here.