Your work will help us keep Randall’s Island Park a vibrant and wonderful place for all New Yorkers to enjoy! To learn more about how you can help scroll down below or email us at [email protected].

For more specific information and dates for drop-in volunteer events, please visit our Events Calendar. 

RIPA earned an “Outstanding Project Management” award from Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks for our volunteer projects!

How do I volunteer?

Individual Opportunities

Support our staff for a variety of park projects. Together we will care for our natural areas, beautiful gardens, and one-acre Urban Farm. To find out how you can help with day–to–day operations on Randall’s Island, check the Event Calendar for specific volunteer dates or fill out the Individual Volunteer Interest Form below and we will personally reach out to you soon about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Corporate Groups

Employees from many corporations each year come to Randall’s Island to care for the Island’s green space. Corporate volunteer events are a wonderful way to build team spirit and to invigorate staff while maintaining and enhancing our open spaces! RIPA’s dedicated and experienced staff will efficiently manage your corporate volunteer project to ensure a rewarding day.

Click here to download the Corporate Volunteer Brochure!

Community Groups, Schools and Non-Profit Registration

RIPA hosts school groups, community-based organizations, and non-profits for volunteer projects and service-learning events. These events combine community service with an educational component; students leave both with knowledge and a sense of accomplishment through having given back to their community.

Service Learning

RIPA hosts school groups and community-based organizations for service learning events, as a component of our Urban Farm and Waterfront Stewardship programs – and as part of our new Park-as-Lab (PAL) focus. These events combine community service with an educational component to create a positive and beneficial context for the volunteer project; students leave both with knowledge and a sense of accomplishment through having given back to their community.

What do volunteers do?

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers with Randall’s Island can spend Wednesday mornings keeping Randall’s Island beautiful! Team RIVER Volunteers work with rotating teams including the Natural Areas team stewarding and restoring our natural spaces twice per month and the Horticulture team caring for the Island’s gardens and meadows every second Wednesday of each month. Volunteers may also help the Public Program team with the many free public programs we offer, the Sports Fields team take care of our athletic fields, and the Operations team maintain the beautiful grounds and picnic areas.

Urban Farm Volunteers

Volunteer with our farmers on our one-acre Urban Farm! Spend time getting your hands dirty, weeding, composting, and assisting with daily tasks and chores. No prior farming experience necessary and no advance registration needed. Just drop in at the farm most Sundays between 10am and 1pm for at least 2 hours. April – October Check the Event Calendar for specific dates.

RIPA also hosts many other monthly and special volunteer events for individuals, small groups, and families throughout the year. Check out our Event Calendar for specific dates and exciting opportunities.

Volunteers must be at least 11 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their legal guardian before starting any work. Children under 16 must also have an adult with them while volunteering. Please contact [email protected] for a copy of the waiver for minors.

Anyone with children under 11 interested in volunteering, please see the Event Calendar for more volunteer opportunities including Family Volunteer Days on the Second Sunday of the month at the Urban Farm.

Be a volunteer superstar with special access to training, enrichment, and appreciation – become a member of Team RIVER!

Team River Volunteers

Those who contribute more than 15 hours of volunteer work in a season with Team RIVER (Randall’s Island Volunteer Ecological Restorers) will be eligible for volunteer enrichment, including educational seminars and appreciation events. If you are only able to volunteer on a limited basis, you are still very much welcome!

Volunteer Resources

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Each volunteer is required to sign RIPA’s Volunteer Waiver.
  • Water will be provided for all volunteer events.
  • All necessary tools, gloves and equipment will be provided for volunteers.
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing, you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Long pants are recommended.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required.
  • We do not provide storage so do not bring your valuables
  • Projects happen RAIN OR SHINE, barring unsafe conditions.
  • Click here to view our Code of Conduct.