Randall’s Island Park Alliance Awarded DEC Grant for Invasive Species Management


28159Randall’s Island Park Alliance Awarded DEC Grant for Collaborative Invasive Species Management

New York, NY – April 25, 2024 – The Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) is excited to announce ​it has been awarded a $24,602 grants ​​Click here to enter text.​ by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). This funding, stemming from the 2023 Invasive Species Grant Program, is a significant step toward bolstering ​RIPA’s ​​Click here to enter text.​ commitment to preserving and revitalizing Randall’s Island Park’s natural ecosystem. Such support underscores a major push ​by RIPA ​toward environmental ​​stewardship within New York City.

“We are immensely grateful for the DEC’s support, which enables us to advance our conservation goals and contribute to the overall health of New York City’s natural landscapes,” said Chris Girgenti, Director of Environmental Programs. “Through this grant, we are not just addressing invasive species on Randall’s Island; we are working to build a legacy of environmental stewardship for future generations.”

​​Thanks to this grant ​RIPA plans to roll out an ambitious initiative focused on identifying, managing, and eliminating four introduced plant varieties that threaten the island’s ecological diversity: Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia), Italian Arum (Arum italicum), Japanese Hops (Humulus japonicus), and Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila). These species were selected because they could cause significant ecological harm but are not yet widespread in the ​Randall’s Island ​landscape. Unmitigated, they can quickly occupy large areas, outcompeting native plants for essential resources like light, water, and soil nutrients. This competition can lead to a decrease in biodiversity and pose a risk to local ecosystem resiliency.

Central to RIPA’s strategy is the mobilization and involvement of the community through education and hands-on involvement. Community volunteers will play an instrumental role in the project. This collaborative effort will improve the park’s ecological health and foster a deeper connection between the community and the local environment.

The project seeks to provide immediate impact while also ensuring the long-term sustainability of the park’s ecosystems. From detailed mapping with iMapInvasives and ArcGIS Field Maps to hands-on removal and management practices, RIPA is committed to employing a multifaceted approach to invasive species management.

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance invites the community to join in these efforts, contributing to a sustainable future for the park.


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